Andy Brudtkuhl

19216798612_4219934c61_oI am a web developer, entrepreneur, bike commuter, meat cooker, homemade bacon maker, daddy, Iowa State University College of Business alum, and Seinfeld quoter from Des Moines, Iowa.

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What I Do

I build custom web applications and content management systems. I build things on WordPress with PHP, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. I like to build search engines with Elasticsearch. And I like to build web apps and APIs with ASP.Net / C#.

I also like to play with analytics, online marketing, SEO, optimization and e-commerce.The cool kids call this Growth Hacking now. I’ve designed, manufactured, marketed and sold products (physical and digital) online using e-commerce websites and online marketplaces.

I founded 48Web – a development shop focusing on custom and enterprise WordPress solutions. I was a Partner and Growth Hacker at CaseSimpl where I designed, launched, and sold bike accessories, including the Jambox Case, which was featured in WIRED and Cult of Mac.

In the past I’ve worked as an enterprise software development consultant and software engineer for startups. Oh – and those miserable tech support years.

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