January 10, 2011

Think Before You Install That Plugin

At 48Web we deal with plugin related issues at least once a week. One of the quickest ways to bog down any good WordPress site is to overload it with a bunch of plugins and widgets that add little to...


January 7, 2011

Change Footer Text In Thesis WordPress Theme

Are you running Thesis and want to change the text in the footer? In this example we simply want to add a link to our WordPress hosting service at the bottom of a site with which we are using the...


December 30, 2010

WordPress Sharing Plugins

We get asked for plugin recommendations a lot, and most often it's about sharing plugins. WordPress sharing plugins are simple - they are used to allow readers of your site to easily share content on...


November 23, 2010

Change Leave A Reply Comment Text In WordPress

Swap this out in your theme's files. Depending on the theme this is usually in index.php, single.php, and page.php. [php] / Change Comment Text / <?php comment_form(array('title_reply'=>'Put...