April 26, 2006

ASP.Net and Blogger integration

I thought I could hack away at blogger and get it to play nicely with And surprisingly it worked, but only for the front page. The individual pages it renders to cannot be forced to be...


April 12, 2006

The Development Abstraction Layer

I know a particular software development company I used to work for could really benefit from having a few people read this article. My favorite excerpts: "You've got your typical company...


January 30, 2006

ASP.Net 2.0, HTML, and Ajax

I was reading an article about prototype versus atlas and decided to write this code. It uses AJAX to grab a data bound dropdown list from an ASP.Net 2.0 control. The ASP.Net side of things requires...


January 18, 2006

Definitive resource for common .NET issues

As I was looking through Microsoft and MSDN for licensing arrangements for a new client where I work I found this very very useful page on ASP.NET Platform Requirements. I find this extremely...