How do I SEO my WordPress hosted blog?

February 1, 2011


I regularly post answers on Quora to WordPress questions and will be cross posting some of my more popular answers here... This question was how to SEO a WordPress blog. I always start with these simple steps....

  1. Set up permalinks properly (I use %category%/%postname%)
  2. Install All-In-One SEO plugin
    • Put keyword in Title
    • Put keyword-rich description for Meta description
  3. Optimize On Page elements
    • Post/Page titles should be H1/H2
    • Link to internal pages with keywords
    • Use alt/title elements with keywords in them
  4. Write good keyword-rich content
    • First step is to know what keywords to target
    • Second step is to write well using those keywords

Those are the basics and should get you started with a highly optimized WordPress site. Once you get this far you can begin to take it to the next level... How do I SEO my Wordpress hosted blog? Questions? Comments? Let us know below!

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