Marketing Has Changed

March 29, 2011


The math of hiring people in a consulting company is a hard pill to swallow. It doesn't scale and can bring a lot of unforseen issues into a small startup consulting company whose goal is to stay lean. So when it comes down to marketing most small businesses have two choices ... a) DIY and b) get outside help.

My internet business podcast partner Doug Mitchell has just written a book to help solve both problems. Learn ingenious ways on how to market your business. Whether you are doing DIY marketing like myself or looking for a freelancer/ninja to help you out along the way Doug lays out a roadmap on how to get results.

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Too many times, a CEO or other company leader says, “Hey, go buy some ads on Google and let’s generate some traffic so we can make more money.”  The marketing department sets up some ad campaigns with a daily budget and they’re off and running.  The result? A complete waste of time and money

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