Scheduled Tweets Now Available For Twitter Advertisers

October 19, 2013


Earlier this week Twitter announced a new tool only for Twitter Ads users called Scheduled Tweets. It does exactly what you think - allowing users to crete tweets and schedule them for a date and time to be published. You can schedule tweets for up to a year in advance. Not only can you publish content on a schedule, you gain flexibility to plan content in advance for events, launches, and other marketing campaigns.

Scheduled Tweets

  Twitter Ads Scheduled Tweets As you can see above I'm able to schedule tweets for the launch of the new CaseSimple MINI Jambox Case, coming out early next week. You can schedule regular tweets or promoted tweets. Is this revolutionary for the platform? No... You've able to schedule tweets with tools like Hootsuite or Buffer. But now you are able to tie them to promoted tweets campaigns. And, still no bulk scheduling. Do you have questions about scheduled tweets? Let us know in the comments

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