Twitter Ads Conversion Tracking

December 19, 2013

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Creating, managing, and targeting ads is only have the equation when running a campaign online. The other half is determining the performance of the campaign which helps you decide which campaigns to keep and which to discard. Or which keywords convert to sales and ones that don't. To help with this, Twitter has conversion tracking. What is conversion tracking? Conversion tracking is not unique to Twitter advertising. Many ad networks provide some means to track how the ads are performing against actions you want on your website. A conversion could be a sale or an email signup. It's defined by the goals you have for your site or campaign. How does it work on Twitter Ads? Twitter Ads conversion tracking works very similar - advertisers can measure off-Twitter conversions and tie them back to the ad campaign on Twitter to see how it is performing and compare against the ad spend. Twitter Ads Conversion   Cool ... so how do I use Conversion Tracking? To start you need to setup a new conversion tag to start tracking. First you want to provide a unique name for that conversion, in the case of our baby shower games example below it's when a game is purchased. You then select the type of conversion you wish to track. Your choices are Site Visit, Purchase, Download, Signup, or "Custom". Create Twitter Ads Conversion Tracking If you expand the advanced options you will see Post-engagement attribution and Post-view attribution. These allow you to control how a conversion is applied. In the first you can set the amount of time after someone engages (clicks on, etc) your ad to when they convert. The default option is 14 days. This means someone can click on your ad and if they buy in the next two weeks that will count as a conversion. The second option is similar except it tracks after they view an ad rather than engagement. Now you have conversion tracking setup. Your next task is to embed a script on your website to track the conversion. You would put this on the page your user goes to after the conversion, such as a thank you page or receipt page. Twitter Conversion Script   And now you're set! Have any questions on Twitter Conversion tracking? Leave us a comment or sign up for our online Twitter Ads training.

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