Twitter Advertising Interest Targeting

May 16, 2013

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Just getting started with Twitter Advertising? It's pretty simple - you can promote your account or tweets to people based on interests or who they are following. Today we are going to talk about targeting users to see what you are promoting. Twitter calls this Interest Targeting. Interest targeting works in two ways - you can target by category or user segment based on accounts.

Interest Targeting By Category

This is the simplest way to pick your advertising target on Twitter. Basically they have compiled a list of 350 categories that somehow they associate to groups of users. For example the Jambox case is used as a bike mount for many of our customers. So in this ad, I decided to target users that are interested in "Cycling" OR "Mountain Biking" OR "sports" Twitter Advertising Category Interest Targeting

Interest Targeting By Users

Interest targeting by user account is your other option to target your Twitter ad. This allows you to create a segment of users that are interested in the same things as the people following the account you specify. In the example below we are targeting users that like what the people that follow @Jawbone are interested in - after all they make the Jambox. We also targeted a couple other segments of people that like popular outdoors and cycling brands. Twitter Advertising Category Interest Targeting 2   You could also target users that like your competitors. Let's say you sell steak seasoning - you could target users that are interested in Lawrys, Montreal Seasoning, or Grill Masters.

Targeting By User Segment and Categories

To further hone your Twitter advertising campaign you can target both by user segment and category as seen below. In this instance we are targeting people in interest categories and also user segments of brands we associate with. Twitter Advertising Interest Targeting   Any questions on interest categories on Twitter Advertising? Let us know below!

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