w3c vision of distributed applications

January 6, 2006


I know I have read this over before, but I think it was as a student. Now that I am a somewhat experienced developer, I like the thought even more. It's the w3c vision for the future of Interent Distributed Applications.

Here's my favorite blurb:

"Executables, C++ (and Java too) must die:
Neither C++ nor Java can ever create standard components that can run on all computers. There is no room for these languages in future distributed applications. Executables are not standard. COM objects are not standard, DLL-files are not standard. Registry settings are not standard. INI-files are not standard. None of these components must be allowed to destroy your dream of a standard distributed application that will run on almost any computer in the world." - w3c

I couldn't agree more. Down with Java (bring on the emails).

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