ASP.Net and Blogger integration

April 26, 2006


I thought I could hack away at blogger and get it to play nicely with And surprisingly it worked, but only for the front page.

The individual pages it renders to cannot be forced to be renamed to .aspx nor can you change the header declaration required for the code behind. I could take out the inherits statement but it won't do good. I got the archive to save as .aspx but it is having problems with the web.config customizations I had made.

So then I was going to write a c# script to go through the directory anc change the declaration in the header and change the file extension. But, I don't have a stupid amount of time to spend on hacking away at a crappy cms.

So I'm stuck in a hard spot because my template requires but the cms doesnt support it. So, for now, i have no archive and you cant see individual posts. My fix will be to have my main page pull the rss feed with an script I have and set up html archives/pages for the rest of the blog section. That will come, hopefully over the next week. But there's no time to get to it with the other projects that I am working on.

Until then this is my css reboot design. If I would have had time today to implement lightbox on here I would have shown you the original design I had created. This one is not bad but I did it in a day and was not able to get to everything I had planned. Again, being that this is the last of my priorities it may have to wait until the Fall Reboot. And if anyone can tell me how to get these damn YouTube object embeds to style correctly that would be sweet.

I hate blogger.

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