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Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-150MCE


I bought this last week from PC Alchemy and had it installed in no time. The only issue with the installation process was the realization that I came to when opened the case and noticed I had no PCI slots left. So I had to make the decision to remove the sound card, wireless card, or video card. I couldn’t remove the video card (although I do have an AGP card) because the box is in my living room and it’s primary display is my tv. Secondly I did not want to lose my 5.1 channel audio setup. So, the obvious selection was the wireless card


as I could replace it with a USB wireless adapter (although now I am out of USB ports).

After this small setback the installation was very smooth. Installation of the drivers was very smooth and required no troubleshooting. I was even more surprised how Windows MCE 2005 handled the new hardware. It automatically recognized it and started the “guide wizard” to set up your tv tuner. You simply enter your zip code and pick your service provider, and it does the rest for you.

The quality is very good, in fact it seems better than it had before (straight to the tv). There are also separate s-video / composite connections to allow an extra input device, such as a VCR. I will attempt capturing from the vcr and post how it worked.

Obviously the best part of this card is that it’s a PVR (personal video recorder). MCE 2005 allows for all the same functionality as a tivo


or the like devices.

I would recommend this card to anyone in the market. It makes for a cheap PVR. It also gave me much more respect for the MCE 2005 platform as I really started to see what all it could do.

Windows Media Center 2005 Review on its way.

tech | news tidbit

Just read an article on the business 2.0 blog regarding the fact that BoingBoing makes nearly $40,000/month which comes to nearly $500,000 a year. This is split among the five persons who maintain the site. John Battelle claims this is not the case in a statement to business 2.0.

I find it comical that less than 24 hours after the post on business 2.0’s blog that Battelle had a new post on his blog regarding the record amount of money being made with online ads over the last quarter. Is this a subtle hint to the truthfullness of b2’s article?

In either case I enjoy BoingBoing and I am a subscriber to John’s blog and I wish I was making a fraction of what they are making a month…


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TigerDirect sues Apple Computer over new OS name (Tiger)

I have yet to decide if this is ridiculous or not. TigerDirect has decided to sue Apple for the use of the name “Tiger” in the latest Mac OSX release (today at 6pm). TigerDirect owns the trademarks “Tiger”, “TigerDirect”, and “TigerSoftware”. According to eWeek, TigerDirect has Apple for using “Tiger” in any online or printed materials.

If I were to find this ridiculous, it would be because when I think of the word tiger in the realms of technology, I do not think of TigerDirect’s online store. In fact, I don’t even think of anything (aside from Apple’s new OSX release) that correlates technology with the word tiger. TigerDirect claims the word tiger is synonymous their retail outlet. I don’t think so.

Now the only reason I do not find this ridiculous is the fact that when searching for “tiger”, TigerDirect is not appearing as the top results, or so they claim. A search for tiger on Google brings the website 5Tigers first, and the MacOSX comes after TigerDirect. Although Yahoo is a different story, where the MacOSX is the first result and TigerDirect is lost among the top 15 (that’s a shame). And TigerDirect does not even show up for a search on Tiger on MSN Search. One wonders if it ever did.

And keep in mind “tiger” is not a meta keyword or in the meta description of the TigerDirect site.

I am anxious to see the outcome of this suit as well as the discussion in the tech world concerning the legitimacy of these allegations.

And lastly, I’ve had bad experiences shopping with TigerDirect. I have not ordered anything from them in years and prefer to send my business NewEgg’s way.