RiverGuide For Kayakers – iPhone App

“RiverGuide is the essential tool for the kayaker, rafter, or canoeist on the go. With access to thousands of real time streamflow gauges throughout the US, and kayaking news, you’ll never be wondering what’s running in your area and what’s not. With a few taps of your fingers, you will know the cubic feet per second (cfs) your favorite river is running, the relative level high, med or low and when the information was last recorded. Arriving at the put-in to find the river only at a trickle, should be a thing of the past.”


Very Cool iPhone App for canoers and kayakers … Now I just need to get a dry bag to put my iPhone in while I kayak 🙂

UPDATE: found waterproof iPhone case with headphones option => http://brudtkuhl.com/waterproof-iphone-case

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