Promoting Mobile Apps on Twitter

Promoting mobile apps on Twitter has just gotten a lot easier. Twitter has introduced the App Card to help you promote your app to 255M users. Twitter’s mobile app promotion product suite enables you to drive app installs. Using keyword tracking, location tracking, and mobile device detection you can target the exact users you are looking for.

Beyond targeting you can also customize how your mobile app promotion shows up on Twitter. You can automatically pull in your app’s icon, deep link directly to your app from Twitter, and customize your Tweet copy. And on iOS the App Cards provide install notifications prompting a user to open the app upon installation.

The new App Card will allow you to easily drive app installs and app engagements on Twitter. Target over 1 billion devices to drive more app installs.

Introducing mobile app promotion on Twitter

Twitter Ads Conversion Tracking

Creating, managing, and targeting ads is only have the equation when running a campaign online. The other half is determining the performance of the campaign which helps you decide which campaigns to keep and which to discard. Or which keywords convert to sales and ones that don’t. To help with this, Twitter has conversion tracking.

What is conversion tracking?

Conversion tracking is not unique to Twitter advertising. Many ad networks provide some means to track how the ads are performing against actions you want on your website. A conversion could be a sale or an email signup. It’s defined by the goals you have for your site or campaign.

How does it work on Twitter Ads?

Twitter Ads conversion tracking works very similar – advertisers can measure off-Twitter conversions and tie them back to the ad campaign on Twitter to see how it is performing and compare against the ad spend.

Twitter Ads Conversion


Cool … so how do I use Conversion Tracking?

To start you need to setup a new conversion tag to start tracking. First you want to provide a unique name for that conversion, in the case of our baby shower games example below it’s when a game is purchased. You then select the type of conversion you wish to track. Your choices are Site Visit, Purchase, Download, Signup, or “Custom”.

Create Twitter Ads Conversion Tracking

If you expand the advanced options you will see Post-engagement attribution and Post-view attribution. These allow you to control how a conversion is applied. In the first you can set the amount of time after someone engages (clicks on, etc) your ad to when they convert. The default option is 14 days. This means someone can click on your ad and if they buy in the next two weeks that will count as a conversion. The second option is similar except it tracks after they view an ad rather than engagement.

Now you have conversion tracking setup. Your next task is to embed a script on your website to track the conversion. You would put this on the page your user goes to after the conversion, such as a thank you page or receipt page.

Twitter Conversion Script


And now you’re set! Have any questions on Twitter Conversion tracking? Leave us a comment or sign up for our online Twitter Ads training.

Twitter Ads Broad Match Keyword

Twitter Ads now supports Broad Match Keyword Targeting. So… what’s that?

Broad match keyword targeting has been around for awhile in popular ad platforms like Google Adwords. Essentially it allows you to target a keyword and variations of that keyword. So if you are targeting the term “baby shower”, your ad may show when people search for baby shower games or “baby shower invitations”.

Google has a great definition for broad match targeting

Broad match lets a keyword trigger your ad to show whenever someone searches for that phrase, similar phrases, singular or plural forms, misspellings, synonyms, stemmings (such as floor and flooring), related searches, and other relevant variations.

So what does this mean for keyword targeting on Twitter Ads?

It’s very much like AdWords. Broad Match Keyword Targeting on Twitter Ads matches up against tweets that have your keyword in a phrase or if the tweet has related terms, variations, synonyms, etc. Here’s a great graphic from Twitter’s feature launch post.

Twitter Broad Match Keyword Targeting Example


Broad Match Keyword Targeting Notes

  • This will now be the default matching type for keywords moving forward. Be careful with this because if you don’t control your targeting your ad could show up in false positive matches and you may be spending money targeting a keyword combination that isn’t related to your product
  • You can use a ‘+’ modifier to prevent unwanted broadening. For example you could target “baby shower +invitations” so your broad match would work for “looking for baby shower invitations” but not for “shopping for a baby shower gift”.

Need help figuring out how to do keyword targeting on Twitter Ads? Check out our Twitter Ads training or Twitter’s help article. Or just ask in the comments!

Twitter Ads For Holiday Shopping

Does Twitter influence shopping behavior? Short answer: Yes.

Last year holiday shopping conversations on Twitter increased 30% over the previous year. Shopping buzz on Twitter peaks during key shopping dates like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and steadily up until Christmas.


Twitter’s influence on holiday shopping is huge. Not only do you have friends sharing ideas with friends but brands pick up the pace this time of year to inject holiday shopping ideas into your stream.

It’s not too late to setup holiday shopping campaigns on Twitter Advertising. Get started today!

5 Ways To Use Scheduled Tweets

Twitter Ads Scheduled TweetsWe recently wrote about the launch of Scheduled Tweets for Twitter Ads. So … what are some practical uses for it?

Here are five ways to use Scheduled Tweets for Twitter Advertising.

1. Product Launches

Have a product coming out soon? While you are planning your product launch you can setup a series of tweets for advanced promotion and launch promotion in a specified sequence.

2. Timed opportunities

Lets say you sell Michigan Wolverines fan gear, it would be in your best interest to schedule promoted tweets when fans are hyper active during football games.

3. Targeting timezones

Are you on the east coast but are working on a campaign targeting the  west coast? You can schedule your tweets or promoted tweets for optimal timing for that timezone.

4. Seasonal Campaigns

If you are doing e-commerce you’re most important months are October – January as people shop for the holidays. So in September, you could use scheduled tweets to get your holiday promotions in place.

5. Timed PR events

Have you ever had  a time sensitive PR event and want to coordinate the distribution of your messages? Using schedule tweets to promote or simply send out announcement tweets will help you only have to worry about the major tasks surrounding your event.

How else can you use this tool for Twitter Advertising? Let us know in the comments!