Building Public Slack Communities - Slackvite Launch

June 28, 2016

development projects

I had the urge to build and ship something since I gave Hey Kramer to the world. Bot Slack RTM API Something ... useful. Since I was already elbows deep in the Slack API, I decided to build a thing that lets you "launch and manage public Slack communities in 30 seconds". I say "manage" liberally because at this point it does none of that (the ideas list is already getting long). But, you can launch a fancy pants landing page that pulls beautiful background photos from Unsplash to gather invites for your public Slack community. So, that's a start I suppose. Public Slack Community Invite Is this a new idea? No. There are a couple excellent solutions for building a public Slack community platform. For instance if you are reading this you've probably already stumbled on Slackin. It's a great solution, however I built Slackvite for those of you that get scared away by landing on a Github page. If seeing '.travis.yml' and 'app.json' files frightens you then you might like this. There's also the also very capable and popular Typeform hack for creating a Slack community. But again - if code scares you it's not for you. With Slackvite you just 1) register 2) connect with Slack 3) select your team 4) launch your public invite landing page to the world. Here's a demo for an Iowa State Cyclones Slack community. Slackvite Public Slack Community Invite Landing Page

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