Here’s a big list of stuff I’ve worked on

Hey Kramer

Hey Kramer is a Slack app built with Node.js using the WordPress REST API as a backend. It’s a Slack bot for Seinfeld enthusiasts exposing a slash command to search for Seinfeld memes, gifs, and quotes.

Install App / WordPress Plugin Code / Node.js Code / API

Blog Posts: Building A Slack Bot With Node.js And WordPress REST APISlack Slash Command With WordPress REST API Backend


The most used C# client for the WordPress XML-RPC API.

Download Package / Fork on Github

Blog Posts: Using WordPressSharp To Publish A Post

WordPress Plugins

Instateam Instagram Importer

I’m a contributor to the Instateam Instagram Importer plugin that, well, does just that.

Twenty-Fifteen Disqus Style

If you use Disqus to power your WordPress comment system and happen to use the Twenty Fifteen theme – it won’t look good. This plugin fixes it applying a few simple CSS rules to make it look nice with the theme. /  Github

Zendesk Admin Help Widget

Add a help widget to the WordPress admin interface for authenticated users to submit helpdesk tickets. Plugin Repository / Fork on Github


Add terms and conditions checkbox to the registration form of the Restrict Content Pro Plugin Plugin Repository / Fork on Github

Gravity Forms Bootstrap

Apply Bootstrap styles to GravityForms forms Plugin Repository / Fork on Github

Open Files in New Tab

Make any link to a pdf, img, doc, etc open automatically in a new tab Plugin Repository / Fork on Github

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