How To Add Social Sharing Buttons To WordPress Blog

February 7, 2011


A recent Quora question I answered... "How can I add social sharing buttons to my WordPress blog?" We've talked WordPress sharing plugins before... But if you want multiple sharing options (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc) then install the Sexy Bookmarks plugin and configure it to use whichever networks you want to have your content shared on. If you want just Twitter and Facebook you can install just theΒ Facebook Like Button andΒ Twitter Tweet Button. [caption id="attachment_853" align="aligncenter" width="563" caption="Social Bookmarks In Action on"]How To Add Social Sharing Buttons To WordPress[/caption] WordPress Social Sharing Buttons

On most of our WordPress sites we use the Facebook Like button along with the Twitter Tweet button plugins and place theme into the theme with shortcodes. This way we have more control over where they show up and how they look in our WordPress themes. Got questions? Comments? Suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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