Andy Brudtkuhl

I speak on technology, analytics, agtech, blockchain, the future, and more regularly to conferences, meetups, and corporate meetings.

See some examples below. If you would like me to speak, contact me.

Recent Talks

Blockchain in the Food Chain

My most popular talk in 2019 focused on blockchain will impact food value chains from farm to table. Blockchain has the potential to provide trust and transparency in an inherently untrusted system along the entire chain. In this talk, I focus on provenance, trust, traceability, and efficiency in order to create a more transparent value chain from farm to fork.

Blockchain 101

A very high level overview of blockchain technology and how it will impact supply chains

Full Stack Marketing

An in-depth look and walkthrough on analytics for developers and how to embed digital marketing into website and app development using tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Optimize