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October 24, 2016

That Time I Tricked Google With Its Own Data

Once upon a time SEO was easy... Exact match keyword domain? Boom. Pages for every keyword? Done. Ridiculous internal link building? Easy. Paid link building? Cheap. Link Pyramids? Get me more shared...


May 10, 2013

3 Things You Should Know Before You Advertise On Twitter

There are three basic concepts you need to learn when start to advertise on twitter. Twitter advertising is quite simple to setup with their basic dashboard - much easier than Google Adwords. Once...


February 23, 2011

How I Used Data For Product Development

I shared with everyone my launch of a printable games company and how we found our first niche in printable baby shower games. As I build this company I have decided to share as many details as I can...


February 20, 2011

Light Bulb To Launch In A Weekend

Those of you that work with me know I'm obsessed with internet business models. I love the scalability, the science of a conversion, and meticulously tracking funnel metrics. That being said I'm...


July 23, 2010

Disrupt The Wedding Registry Business - Free Idea

So earlier this week I got to experience wedding registry first hand. It's cool picking stuff out and all but the technology and data silos leave a lot to be desired. This problem is big and needs...


Current Projects

🤖 Storytime

Personalized children's stories generated by AI. This is an app I am building with my kids.

📠 Fax Online

Yea, I know. But there is a long tail for everything and believe it or not there was an underserved market for people that need to send a fax online. Some people (like me!) just need to send a one time fax.

Read more about this micro Saas project in a blog post about building an online fax service.

📱 Cloud Number

Cloud Number is a virtual phone app that helps you protect your privacy online. Use it to receive SMS online and keep your phone number private. It's also a great service for a freelancer or entrepreneur that wants to have a separate phone for their business for SMS and voicemail.

Read more on this app in a blog post about building a virtual phone service. Just launched a temp number service for when you only need a number once.

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