Style Disqus Comments in Twenty Fifteen Theme

April 22, 2015

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I've recently moved several of my content based WordPress sites over to the Twenty Fifteen theme. It's just so clean and neat ... and focuses on content rather than features. Paired with Jetpack you can run a pretty awesome blog. Anyway when I started applying this theme to my sites already integrated with the Disqus comment system I noticed the style was all off. A bit of Googling found me at Alex's website reading about how I can apply some custom CSS to fix the issue. That's awesome but not a simple feat for your average WordPress user and somewhat of an annoyance for someone that doesn't want to install a Custom CSS plugin or create a child theme just to apply some custom CSS rules. So ... I turned it into a WordPress plugin to make it easy to fix for everyone. Hats off to Alex Dresko and ultimately Joshua Granick whose CSS I actually used  (he left a comment on Alex's post - which runs on Disqus... how meta). Before Twenty Fifteen Disqus Comments After Twenty Fifteen Disqus Style   Download on / Fork on Github

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