Zendesk Helpdesk Widget in WordPress Admin

April 21, 2015

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When managing dozens of WordPress sites for dozens of different users, streamlining the support process using an excellent help desk system quickly becomes a priority. If you are not familiar with Zendesk, it's a help desk / ticketing system on steroids allowing you to manage support requests, setup response macros, manage a knowledge base, and more. My Admin Zendesk Help Widget plugin (ya ... bad name) utilizes Zendesk's web widget which you can configure via a simple plugin settings page. Customizing the widget is easy in your Zendesk dashboard - you can change the colors, position of the Help button, and much more. Information about the current logged in user auto populates the fields and when a user submits a support requests it shows you what page the request was made from in the Zendesk ticket. Installing, activating, and configuring the plugin can be done in 60 seconds. All you need is a Zendesk account and to know your subdomain (that will make sense if you have already signed up).

Plugin Settings

Zendesk WordPress Plugin Plugin Settings

How It Works

Zendesk WordPress Plugin Interface

Send Message

Zendesk WordPress Plugin Send Message

Message Sent

Zendesk WordPress Plugin Message Sent

Zendesk Ticket

Zendesk Ticket from WordPress Plugin

Download on WordPress Plugin Repository / Fork on Github

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