Learn about the side projects I have built and launched.

January 23, 2019

Weekly Agtech Email Newsletter

Today I launched a new project for 2019 - an Agtech focused email newsletter. The goal is to give the audience the best information over the last week. I read a lot, rip out all the PR, add some...


January 19, 2019

How I Migrated WordPress to a Static Website

My first project of 2019 was to migrate this 10+ year old WordPress website to a static website. For various reasons, the stack I chose is as follows... Static Website Generator: Jigsaw CSS...


December 15, 2016

Building a Referral System with Laravel

I recently launched a small product for Amazon Affiliates built with Laravel. At the heart of the application is a referral system. Users get bonus credits when they refer another user while getting...


October 24, 2016

That Time I Tricked Google With Its Own Data

Once upon a time SEO was easy... Exact match keyword domain? Boom. Pages for every keyword? Done. Ridiculous internal link building? Easy. Paid link building? Cheap. Link Pyramids? Get me more shared...


June 28, 2016

Building Public Slack Communities - Slackvite Launch

I had the urge to build and ship something since I gave Hey Kramer to the world. Something ... useful. Since I was already elbows deep in the Slack API, I decided to build a thing that lets you...


March 24, 2016

Building A Slack Bot With Node.js And WordPress REST API

Some of my first experiments in the world of building a slack bot was to develop a basic Slash command using the WordPress REST API as a backend. If you or your team are the only users that intend...


March 11, 2016

Slack Slash Command With WordPress REST API Backend

I've spent the last several weeks building Slack bots and other custom integrations. One of the simplest types of Slack integration to build is the Slash Command - which can be a way for a user...


April 22, 2015

Style Disqus Comments in Twenty Fifteen Theme

I've recently moved several of my content based WordPress sites over to the Twenty Fifteen theme. It's just so clean and neat ... and focuses on content rather than features. Paired with Jetpack you...


April 21, 2015

Zendesk Helpdesk Widget in WordPress Admin

When managing dozens of WordPress sites for dozens of different users, streamlining the support process using an excellent help desk system quickly becomes a priority. If you are not familiar with...


April 15, 2015

Add Terms and Conditions to Restrict Content Pro

TL;DR - I wrote a WordPress plugin to add Terms and Conditions to the registration form when using the Restrict Content Pro plugin . I just recently built a WordPress membership site using the...


February 13, 2013

WordPress Bootstrap Theme

When time permits I've been working on another WordPress starter theme based on Bootstrap, the super awesome CSS and JS framework originally released by Twitter. I use it on everything so it was...


August 8, 2011

LaunchChimp - Weekend Project

I've designed a ton of landing pages over the last couple years … From landing page templates for WordPress sites to simple launch pages. Almost all of them have been integrated with MailChimp for...


February 20, 2011

Light Bulb To Launch In A Weekend

Those of you that work with me know I'm obsessed with internet business models. I love the scalability, the science of a conversion, and meticulously tracking funnel metrics. That being said I'm...


January 26, 2011

hashDSM - Des Moines In Real Time

A couple nights ago we launched one of our fun side projects we dubbed hashDSM (or #dsm). Naturally, we built the site on WordPress but the concept is to monitor commonly used Twitter hashtags in Des...


September 7, 2010

WordPress Plugin - Multi-Author Widget

While redesigning the blog for Des Moines Ad Agency Lessing-Flynn we came across a requirement to port the Authors Widget from to Unfortunately we...


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