I speak on technology, analytics, agtech, blockchain, the future, and more regularly to conferences, meetups, and corporate meetings. See some examples below. If you would like me to speak, contact me.

November 15, 2018

Blockchain 101

On November 15, 2018 I spoke at the Iowa IT Symposium discussing the basics of blockchain and how it will be used in our global food supply chain. Learn the basics of blockchain technology along...


October 31, 2017

Full Stack Marketing

Full Stack Marketing is the concept of building analytics into your tech stack. Why would you do that? Fundamentally we want to answer the question “Do you know what your users are doing?”. And...


June 12, 2015

Cowboy Coding To Professional Developer

Notes and slides from my WordCamp Kansas City 2015 presentation 'Cowboy Coding To Professional Developer'. (these are my presentation notes straight out of Evernote... please ignore formatting and...


May 13, 2010

WordPress Development Intro - Iowa Code Camp

A couple weeks ago Kenny Younger and I got the chance to preach all things WordPress at Iowa Code Camp. Here is the live stream I recorded along with the slides from the presentation! [flashvideo...


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