February 16, 2013

How To Move From Posterous To WordPress

This week Posterous announced it would be shutting it's doors. This leaves many bloggers (including this one) looking for another solution. I had setup my personal site and a podcast site on...


February 13, 2013

WordPress Bootstrap Theme

When time permits I've been working on another WordPress starter theme based on Bootstrap, the super awesome CSS and JS framework originally released by Twitter. I use it on everything so it was...


August 8, 2012

How To Make Facebook Comments Responsive in WordPress

On most WordPress themes we develop the Facebook comment platform is used. Some like it because it's social... Others like it because it's the best way to keep comment spam out. At 48Web, we've made...


October 19, 2011

WordPress Get Permalink By Page Name Or Slug

I used to write custom functions to return these permalinks from page names or slugs until I discovered you can pass get_permalink() a function that will return the ID. Here are some...