August 8, 2011

LaunchChimp - Weekend Project

I've designed a ton of landing pages over the last couple years … From landing page templates for WordPress sites to simple launch pages. Almost all of them have been integrated with MailChimp for...


June 29, 2011

WordPress Query Multiple Taxonomies

This example is for an employee directory. We created a custom post type called "employee". For that custom post type we created two custom taxonomies - "type" and...


April 4, 2011

Cheatin’ uh? Error - WordPress Custom Post Types

This is for those of you hunting for the Cheatin' uh? WordPress error when developing custom post types. It's most likely an issue with what you named a custom taxonomy that you intend to attach to...


March 29, 2011

Marketing Has Changed

The math of hiring people in a consulting company is a hard pill to swallow. It doesn't scale and can bring a lot of unforseen issues into a small startup consulting company whose goal is to stay...