March 24, 2016

Building A Slack Bot With Node.js And WordPress REST API

Some of my first experiments in the world of building a slack bot was to develop a basic Slash command using the WordPress REST API as a backend. If you or your team are the only users that intend...


March 11, 2016

Slack Slash Command With WordPress REST API Backend

I've spent the last several weeks building Slack bots and other custom integrations. One of the simplest types of Slack integration to build is the Slash Command - which can be a way for a user...


September 25, 2015

WordPress Single Page Template For Categories

If you are familiar with building WordPress themes you've likely caught onto the naming convention used for page templates. These conventions are things like 'page-{slug}.php', 'single-{slug}.php',...


June 12, 2015

Cowboy Coding To Professional Developer

Notes and slides from my WordCamp Kansas City 2015 presentation 'Cowboy Coding To Professional Developer'. (these are my presentation notes straight out of Evernote... please ignore formatting and...