January 26, 2015

Using WordPressSharp To Publish A Post

This is a brief intro to using WordPressSharp to publish a post with C# via the WordPress XML-RPC API. A few notes... the 'PostType' property of the Post class can be set to either "post"...


December 30, 2014

Des Moines WordPress User Group

If you are in Central Iowa and love WordPress - please let me know if you'd like to attend a monthly user group. I am currently organizing an early 2015 launch - gathering interest and getting some...


October 7, 2014

WordPress Plugin: Open Files In New Tab or Window

On a recent WordPress project I had a requirement that any files be opened in a new tab or window. Now this can be easily accomplished by the users when they create the post or page by linking to...


October 2, 2014

Easy KnockoutJS Pagination with Data Tables

Data Tables makes it super easy to add pagination, searching, and sorting to tabular data bound with KnockoutJS TL;DR: DataTables provides simple pagination, sorting, and searching capabilties to...