October 2, 2014

Bootstrap Styles for Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin

Everyone loves Gravity Forms and everyone loves Bootstrap. But they don't look too good when combined. So I set out to find a nice way to combine the two. After some Googling around I came across...


September 11, 2014

WordPress Mass Update Post, Page, or Custom Post Type Taxonomies

I'm working on a massive WordPress migration project and after we defined taxonomies they needed to be changed or updated. I tried doing this with SQL but that turned into an Inner Join nightmare due...


August 8, 2014

Add Already Registered Custom Taxonomy to Custom Post Type in WordPress

If you have already defined your custom taxonomy in another plugin and want to use it in a custom post type that you might register in a second plugin, you'll need to add something like this in your...


August 2, 2014

WordPress Permalinks On IIS

We have an entire post on tips for running WordPress on IIS, but it seems one of the biggest questions that come up in forums is how to get WordPress permalinks on IIS working properly. The easiest...